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Apartments are Awesome for Exercise October 26, 2009

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Dear Katie,

I am looking for a way to stay in shape and possibly tone my body. Right now I try to eat healthy and be active, but I know it’s going to be harder once winter rolls around. Is there anything that I can do to still stay active and get toned without having to leave my apartment?

Megan, 22

Dear Megan,

Congrats on wanting to keep in shape.  I hope you achieve your goal of staying in shape.  Winter can be especially hard on the body (and I’m not talking the cold weather).

If you have a big enough living room, you can do workout tapes.  Just be sure to shut the shades, the neighbors don’t need to see that.  You can find them at most video stores, or even buy them used online.

Most workout tapes require a set of hand weights, but these are really affordable.  Try any big box mart or a sporting goods store.  I would recommend trying five pound weights, but they also make two and a half pound weights.  You can even sit at your desk and do arm curls.

Crunches and push ups are classic.  They’re still around and recommended because they work.  Push ups use your own body weight as resistance, and crunches are a great way to strengthen your core.

For your legs, I would recommend doing squats or lunges.  I can do about 25 before I feel like I’m about to die, then I rest, then I do as many as I can take.  You can start out with sets of five to ease yourself into it.

Good luck with staying in shape!  Here are a few sites for ideas and instructions.



Starling Fitness


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